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Chia de Bosk's LiveJournal
Rant Space and Information Dissemination Center
For everyone going into finals here at Duke Divinity School.

Current Music: Ladies - Who N

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Here's a tune to step up the fun for today.

Current Music: Fish - Kis

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Let's start living life before we die / If you want you can stay / But you'll regret the day / That you didn't follow your dreams

Current Music: ring Morning (Sl

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Holly wore a cross to ward them off / She said if they think you're a Christian they won't bring in the dogs.

Current Music: Steady - B

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Staring back at yesterday / The shapes fall into place / Seems the mystery of history / Is easy to retrace

Current Music: ls "Believe" from 'Future Past&#

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[I] keep my head up 'cause... / There is this side of me that / Wants to grab the yoke from the pilot and just / Fly the whole mess into the sea

Current Music: - You

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More than begin but less than forget / But spirits born from the not happened yet

Current Music: ornographers - Adventures

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For Rachel, who is apparently jonesing for this song.

Current Music: ingsteen -

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For @avflox, who is apparently in a glam rock kind of mood.

Current Music: ie - Velv

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Since then it's been a book you read in reverse / So you understand less as the pages turn

Current Music: ets - The Shins

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